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Progressive Education: Waldorf You probably know the names Montessori or Waldorf and you may have some impressions about what they teach at each school, but how much do you really know? If one of these schools moved into your backyard would you send your child to it? With the popularity of alternative education styles growing as traditional school districts struggle with finances, we'd like to take a moment to explore what's behind Waldorf education and why parents choose these schools over traditional public education? This is part of a two-part series looking to demystify progressive education. Tuesday we explore the basic tenants of Montessori education. Dr. Nancy Poer is our guest.

"All Natural" Nathanael Johnson, raised in Nevada City, CA, sets out to fact-check his "crunchy granola" upbringing. He embarks on a cross-country journey seeking answers to some of the prevailing questions surrounding our nation's health in his book "All Natural."

Louise Leakey A renowned paleontologist and conservationist is speaking in Sacramento February 27th as part of the Sacramento Speaker Series. Dr. Louise Leakey is also an educator and National Geographic explorer-in-residence whose work in remote parts of Kenya suggests different species of pre-humans lived side-by-side at the same time for almost half a million years. She works to protect the unique flora and fauna in its national park and UN designated world heritage sites in Kenya. Her family experience - both her mother and grandparents are also world-renowned paleontologists - has given her unique field experience and perspective. You can learn more about the African Fossils initiative created by Louise Leakey here.

TED Talks: Louise Leakey digs for humanity's origins
Mary Leakey Google Doodle

Home Brewing Sacramento Beer Week is a time for local craftsmen and women to share the fruits of their labors with the community and for beer lovers to sharpen their palate with the latest brews on the market. But it's also a time that reminds us all how much Northern Californians love locally crafted beer, whether it comes from a well established name like Sierra Nevada or Sudwerks, or an up and coming brewery like New Helvetia. A testament to this love may be the growing popularity of hyper-local home brewing. To get a little insight on the situation we'll speak with home brew expert Erik Shmid about why people are choosing to craft their own beers and we'll ask local brewer Dave Grull for tips on making great beer.


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